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My mission is to rescue. My hope is that one day I won’t have to.

My Immortal Duke


Phoenix when we rescued him during Katrina

The need for helping dogs in The United States is overwhelming. Although we were “warned”, we never thought it would be this bad. Because we are now into it full time the never-ending flow of stray and unwanted dogs has now become an everyday occurrence. Our normal average population of 400 (give or take) dogs here is quickly increasing. And as much as we wish it was just a matter of “saying no,” this is not the case here. Dogs tied to our front gates, turned loose on our street, dogs chained up and abandoned in empty lots where houses once stood prior to Katrina….this is now our daily routine. Vet bills have tripled and it is obviously taking more staff on hand to take care of the dogs. The United States and its people have been great to us. We couldn’t be happier. But the plight of these unwanted dogs is desperate here and we need to step up our manpower and our resources. Bringing our current California dogs to the “friendliest city in America” was the best thing that’s ever happened to them. But it’s the ones here in the city now that DESPERATELY need our help. it’s still unfortunately not enough. The number of dogs in this city that needs help is greater than what we can provide . They say it takes an entire village to save one boy……won’t you join us? #Lovelead Pitbull center

My Immortal Duke

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 Beginning our journey back in the early ’90s as a wolf/wolfdog rescue and now as one of the largest dog rescues in the world, we are where we are needed most.

Phoenix when we rescued him during Katrina



1. Our average adoption rate is one dog per day.

2. It costs  approximately $3000 per day to run Lovelead Pitbull Rescue

3. We go through 1000 lbs. plus, of dog food a week

4. “Unfortunately” we are the largest Pit Bull facility in The US with a daily average of 40 dogs