Teacup Yorkie

Micro teacup Yorkies are by far one of the most pleasant, sweet-natured, and courageous breeds. They’re keen to find a warm and inviting lap or shoulder to perch on. Their steel blue coat , which fans out from their tiny facial features, gives them a flower-like appearance. Despite their adorably small stature, miniature Yorkshire terriers are bred for their confidence and intelligence. Are you looking for the perfect companion that will stay by your side, providing endless cuddles and hours of entertainment? Foufou’s micro Yorkie puppies may just be the pet you desire.

Yorkie teacup puppies are precious angels that require lots of love, affection, and toys. They’re mightier than they seem, so they need someone with patience and confidence who can train them using positive reinforcement. Are you ready to start looking for teacup Yorkies for sale? Take a look at our available baby tea cup Yorkies or contact us for information about our upcoming litters or the special order option.

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