Lead Pitbull RESCUE
is a private, non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization.  We are not funded by the state, city, parish, or any other entity as far as donations go.  We are not “mandated” to be open to the public but rather have chosen to offer this opportunity to our fans, supporters, donors, neighbors, etc.

In the past, we have had some serious problems with visitors coming into and around our facility located in the Upper 9th Ward area of New Orleans. These problems range anywhere from well-meaning and overly zealous fans who do not understand boundaries (running up on Tia Torres and tackling her to the ground to give her a “hug”…while walking a dog) to flat out safety concerns (stalkers that we have actually had arrested and in once case an angry woman who tried to run Tia Torres over).  Because of these incidents and for the safety of our staff, dogs, and Tia’s family, we do set specific guidelines in place.

While we absolutely want you to have a good time and enjoy your visit, please do not “run-up” to any of the cast from the TV show.  Both locations are very busy and between trying to juggle the TV and the rescue,  their minds are going a mile a minute.  If they have a free second, they will come to you and say “Hi”, take photos, etc.  While we know everyone gets caught up in the excitement, they also tend to forget that the “cast” are not just “TV personalities” but they actually do the work you see on TV.
We just ask that you be respectful at OUR workplace.


  1. Tours are suspended while we move.  In the event of heavy rain, we will not have tours as the streets of New Orleans flood VERY BADLY.
  2. We accept adoption all over.
  3. The hours for tours are suspended and each tour lasts about 20-30 minutes. You MUST arrive by 2:45 pm to make the last tour at 3 pm.  We are in the middle of moving so the tour area has been condensed.
  4. No reservations are needed.
  5. Admission:  FREE!!! But donations are always welcome and needed.
  6. No personal/service dogs are allowed.  We would hope the reasons are obvious but we will list them regardless.  For one, the amount of stress to not only your dog but ours as well, to have a strange dog walking up and down the rows of kennels is immeasurable. Having our dogs re-direct on each other and getting into physical fights because a dog is walking down the aisle is just not something that we think is fair to ANY dog.  You must also remember…this is a shelter where stray dogs are brought to.  Why take a chance and have your dog potentially catch any one of many canine diseases that sometimes “come with the territory?” It is just not something that we feel is fair to your dog. We hope that this explains why we are strict on this rule and that as a fellow dog lover, you’ll feel the same way.
  7. Picture taking – PLEASE READ THIS VERY VERY VERY CAREFULLY.  You are allowed to take photos of the dogs and facility, anything that excites you!   BUT…You may take pictures from a distance but DO NOT RUN UP ON ANYONE!!!  Again this is our place of work and to have someone stick a cell phone in your face while you are walking with a dog, etc…yup…it happens….that is plain disrespectful and potentially dangerous!    Although this is your “place of fun” it is our “place of business.